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Post  Misa on Sun Jul 29, 2012 5:12 pm

1. What name will you go by in game or vent?

2. Do you have Ventrilo and a mic?
Yes to Vent, No on Mic

3. What is your time zone and when do you typically play?
Pacific (PST GMT-8)
4. Please list any planned characters you may have, along with your Home World.

Home World: Henge of Denravi

Character Name: Misa
Race: Asuran
Class: Guardian
Crafting: Jeweler & Armorsmith

Character Name: Misa Monster
Race: Charr
Class: Thief
Crafting: Chef & Weaponsmith

Character Name:
Race:Human or Sylvari
Class: Ranger
Crafting: Leatherworker & Huntsman

Character Name: Defiling Misa
Race:Human or Sylvari
Class: Necro
Crafting: Artificer & Tailor

5. What are you looking for out of a guild?
A fun and friendly atmosphere with members who are mature, relaxed, and laid back. Along with members who will participate in events with other members and just bring a better gaming experience.

6. What do you plan to do mainly in the game?
My plan is to experience all of the PvE lore in a nice relaxed manner, while finding ways to do things faster.

7. Do you know anyone in the Guild?
As a ex-officer of the GW1 guild and a long time member, I know nearly all of them.

8. What other games have you played?
W3,WoW (for a month),Starcraft, Aion Beta, Guild Wars, Star Wars:Jedi Academy, Countless Free MMO's (Silkroad, Flyff, Vindictus, etc.)

9. Other info about self? (optional)
Currently 20, Married, and have a kid whose going to have his first birthday in December. I also just started School at DeVry for Computer Forensics.

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